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A poetic fall

It looked like a full and rounded rumpJust a signature sillyconCity hump Excited, he mounted it merrilyWith soft hands on handlebar mistakenly  Revolted, she threw him into spaceHe just flew and landed flat on his face  Kissed the road and painting it valentine redWith a bruised ego, he slinked into hospital bed namma sillyconCity is exciting, enjoy the voluptuous curves just be gentle and grip your hands hard! (From a recent personal experience)  #sillyconCity (#163)

Dug up

Know why namma roads are always dug up for installing new fibre cables? Because we are a sillyconCity, where data rules. It is all about ensuring smooth flow of data below. After all, to know where all you will be stuck, you need the fast connection nah. ‘Connecting people’ in sillyconCity. #sillyconCity (#162)

Micro ‘kere’

In this age of extreme personalisation, our corporation is making personal lakes by an ingenious combination of existing roads that form craters and new roads made with special dips. These are called ‘micro kere’. When it rains, you get your personal lakes close to the place where you live.  Vive la ‘micro kere’ in namma sillyconCIty . #sillyconCity (#158)‘kere’ means lake in Kannada.


A drunken man with a dangling beedi staggers across a busy road. A disabled man in a wheelchair carefully navigates the same busy road. A young kid helps her mother with a young baby cross the road. A dog darts rapidly to the other side. The motor biker from wrong side rapidly cuts into the right side. The car honks and the bus blares. I just watch the fun, while riding the cycle. Crossings in…

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In my locality, after a long time, we had roads. A public sector company decided to  change their high voltage overhead line to underground. BWSSB (water company) decided to split the roads in the centre of many roads to lay new pipes. Now it is craters everywhere and we are back to living in the place we came from. The moon. High living in sillycon city. #sillyconCity (#153)