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Hyper loop

In the sprawling city, that is now crawlingI sit in my car very fidgety that is now trawlingFor the road is a cesspool with many a foolWho are at their worst after the cloudburst And then happens the magic, luckily not tragicSwept into man hole into a bunch of poopNamma sillycon city’s version of hyper loopI exit after a kilometre into a wide gutterJust a little sputter and off I flutterSmelly and mucky, but very…

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Pothole counting

Our mayors are very objective and analytical. Every time a new mayor takes office, they count the number of potholes and furnish a weekly report of percentage filled. They do a great job, but there is no change as the denominator is close to infinity. sillycon City is really Mars with cool weather.  The holey life in sillycon city. #sillyconCity (#69)

Bare wires

In my neighbourhood is a display of electrifying nudity. As the evening turns dark, someone in the vicinity brings the the two bare hot wires on the electric pole together and they unite with a spark, lighting up the road. KEB does not believe in switches. (KEB is the power distribution company) Just another idiotic thing in the sillycon city. #sillyconCity (#23)