Mohan Subramanyam set me up by publicly stating that he is waiting for ‘blockbuster’ for the 100th one. This was instantly seconded by Aashish Joshi and Raji Nayak. Jeez, this was serious!

Having come to Bangalore in 1973, when people were gentle and peaceful, I was keen on the centurion #sillyconCity micro-story to be a one on hope, rather than sharp sarcasm. Of course there is gentle sarcasm here, but I guess the overarching philosophy is greater! 

Enjoy the double – a gentle uplifting #sillyconCity micro-story “Swalpa adjust maadi” and a poem!

Want to live happily until 100 and beyond?
Come to Bengaluru and learn the ultimate philosophy – “Swalpa adjust maadi”.
#sillyconCity (#100)

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