Three centuries and a HM

This weekend LEL training was fun,  three consecutive century rides late evening on Fri,Sat,Sun and  a relaxed HM late Sat morning. Fri night was fantastic whilst  Sun night was brilliant. Let me detail this..

Friday night was start at 2040, and Armin’s album State of Trance 2015 worked the magic! You know it is magic when you see circular rainbow on oncoming headlights, when eye lids shrink into a slit and you become the music’s namesake. Legs spin fluidly, the white yellow/white parallel lines on the highway converge and meet and  the 25/50/75/100 kms just go by in a blur . 4:07hrs ride time. Getting into this zone is make long distance rides fun. Poetry in motion.

Sunday night was blessed as the same distance on the same route (Old Madras Rd)  was much faster at 3:50hrs,  very relaxed. A new pedal set that I bought from Pradeep on Sat was reason behind the Sunday magic I guess. The non-poky MKS pedal compared to the former spiky BTwin former resulted in a more relaxed leg I guess . Guess you are aware that the under part of foot is mapped to various parts of body? Guess the pedal made underfoot very comfortable without creating any pressure points, working the  magic. I can relate to this being similar to Trek 7100 hybrid pedal where I used to belt out a decent speed.A few more rides will test my hypothesis.

Sat evening 100 (4:48hrs) was argh as I took the Hosur Rd,  traffiky.  Sat HM was brilliant, a late start at 8:30 meant HOT! What I loved about this weekend is that leg just felt fantastic without any hint of fatigue! Oh what a feeling!

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