When Ides of March(3.15) happened, Samuel Thamburaj a good friend of mine set me up to create a pi-poem. It was to create a poem with length of each word to be a digit of pi. After many frustrating attempts I modified it as length of a line(instead of word) to a digit of pi. Here is the creative as “A pi-em”, consisting of 11 lines that represents pi to 10 digits i.e 3.14159 26535 .

=> 1st line = 3 words, 2nd line=1 word, 3rd line=4 words and so on. Enjoy!

NOTE : I did not create this in my work-from-home time, it was done later at night after all my official work was done:-)

Dedicated with respect and love to my wonderful Maths teacher Sathya Murthy V Sir of St. Germain High School to whom I am eternally thankful for creating my lifelong affection for the Queen of all subjects.

Thank you Samuel Thamburaj for tickling my creativity – “Go Corona Go -:)”

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