Last Sunday (Jan 27) was the Half Marathon run at  “Bangalore Mountain Festival”, an event at Nandi Hills. Trail runs are very special to me as I meld with nature, staying mindful, totally in the present. It is fascinating to run in hilly terrains with rocks carefully poised over each other gently looking at you, nudging you to climb over them and supporting you all the way, smiling at you as you bound away from them.

Here is my creative on this as “Bangalore Mountain Festival”. Dedicated to Sunil Nanjappa Thank you for guiding me to the venue early morning when I was cycling in the wrong route.

I had an interesting experience when a fellow lady runner during breakfast came to me and asked “Are you Ashok the poet?”. I was delighted, having never been recognised this way! Thank you Sangeeta Saikia ! Having been only connected on FB , it was lovely to meet you in person! Hope you enjoy this poem!

(Oh, for my running friends, took 2h:20m to enjoy this trail. The icing on the cake was the 100km cycling to and from the venue.)

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