DNF = Do Not Fret

The decent start marred by a puncture at 80km created a two hour buffer at the first control point at around 200kms. 

It was steadily eroded by the climbs, and consumed over and beyond by the very steep Boys town climb of 6.25km where we had to walk about 4kms, as riding seemed to put enormous strain on the lower back. The next 20kms  to Kalpetta(520km) had patchy roads and these  26kms along with sleep (2nd night) that required couple of power naps blew my timing at Kalpetta officially resulting in DNF despite a hour buffer before the brutal climb. 

So what if I blew it? We (Mohan, Aravind and me) rested in Kalpetta and continued to ride to Gudalur enjoying the lovely Wayanad scenery. Arriving at Gudalur in evening meant a halt was required as it did not seem wise to do the 50km climb to Gudalur in the evening/night. Mohan and me continued to ride back to BLR climbing to Ooty following the brevet route skipping Yercaud and Yelagiri climbs and reached BLR post lunch. Krishnagiri-Hosur was bad with heat, headwinds and rolls as I hit Krishnagiri late morning. Never before had I to dig so deep as the last section of brevets are the fastest and most fun.

Approx 1100km done.

Never to be deterred by a DNF, I continue to enjoy the brevets and try to do the maximum distance and reach the end point.. 

After a good night’s rest, did a 21.1 walk-run today (5km walk with my dog Caesar) and then 16.1km run.  Loved the run as I got into a blissful state quickly. Having to meet a friend in the evening it was a relaxed 16km ride. 

Legs felt great. Bottom is ok too!  BLR marathon beckons this Sunday. 

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