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Queen Anchetty

The ride to Anchetty is special, a 200km ride conceived by erstwhile IISc Randonneurs and nurtured by Bangalore Randonneurs, a signature brevet with a unique local medal. Every time I ride this, it is special and poetry happens.
The fifth on Anchetty titled “Queen of Anchetty” is inspired by curves and climbs of terrain as damsels and strong men who welcome you to their valley, a peaceful abode where the beautiful queen lives.

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free spirited(Anchetty-2)

Yes, brevets have time limits. But when you let go of the two hands(of the clock) and feel the nature becoming one with it, it is no more just a ride. It is a gentle tide where mind  floats gently, wrapped in a cocoon becoming a beautiful butterfly, flitting joyfully on the colourful flowers feeding on sweet nectar. Enjoy it until the alarm goes off when you hit the city! My experience of the gentle caress…

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Anchetty (Anchetty-1)

Last Saturday was the classic Anchetty 200KM brevet. A beautiful scenic ride with lovely climbs with an elevation gain of ~2000m. Brilliant weather, with cool wind cuddling you showering you with mild wetness and later rushing at you sidewards. Delighted to do this again after five years. A ride time of 9h 55h with nett time of 10h 59m spending at least 25 mins in the Hosur road traffic on the return.

The slip

With a heavy heart I have to DNF after reaching Thirsk 400km in the LEL. The details At 120km I nicked the curb and fell down. Just some scrapes on the kneee. Washed it with water, rode to the control 80 kms later and put savlon ointment. Rode to next control abut 97 kms on the night with another German leisurely . Hamstring tightened up by the time I came to control. Sleep for 2 hrs…

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Eight hundred kilometres of cycling non stop Feeling right on top Hamstring supple and energetic Fully (re)charged up, the pace frenetic The wheels a blur, the legs in clear unison Two while lines the highway, reflected of the swath Really a small puddle of light Bright enough not to befuddle The world all black except a little circle of light On a brilliant and silent night A sea of calm In a world of fright…

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DNF = Do Not Fret

The decent start marred by a puncture at 80km created a two hour buffer at the first control point at around 200kms.  It was steadily eroded by the climbs, and consumed over and beyond by the very steep Boys town climb of 6.25km where we had to walk about 4kms, as riding seemed to put enormous strain on the lower back. The next 20kms  to Kalpetta(520km) had patchy roads and these  26kms along with sleep…

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