A demanding trail with 2000m elevation over 80KM was made more interesting with slush due to prior rain. The no-loop trail of 80km under the canopy of trees caressed by coffee shrubs is just wonderful to run on. The slush due to pre-race day rain is something I did not enjoy, as I am yet to get comfortable with slush running. 

My first experience of slush was with Chennai Trail Marathon (50KM) a few weeks back, Malnad Trail turned out to be the ‘baap’ of slush! I love trails, they make the legs dance, just need to get comfortable with slushy/gooey trails.

So, what is next? FM in BLR Marathon this weekend, a 100 Ultra in Jakarabhande forest end of this month and HM at Spice Coast Marathon@Kochi. Now enjoy the poem!

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