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Channarayapatna 300BRM

Interesting sights and insights My second brevet of this season the 300km brevet to Channarayapatna (NH 75 Mangalore highway) and back was successful, done in 14hr:40mins, my fastest until now. My good friend Mandar Aiya said that is just 1200/4 and wished me the best, whilst my younger son said ‘Oh just 300, no big deal’. Amazing confidence they have in me! To me, each brevet is interesting that starts with a murmur of trepidation…

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PBP Experience#5

After arriving at Velodrome at Paris,  got the cards stamped and submitted them. After the breakfast that comprised  of a singular muffin which is what I was entitled being a vegetarian, I was all set to leave.  That is when the amazing cyclist arrived. The Italian cyclist rode the special cycle using  hands only as he has no lower limbs. He completed the 1230km PBP successfully. His face radiated peace and happiness. The only muffin…

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PBP Experience #4

Welcoming cheers from the wonderful volunteers as you enter the control refreshes you. The happiness of making it to the control and the exuberance of the people recharges you. And as you enter the control, it is amazing to see the zillion cycles in different postures – some elegantly poised with the seat tip on the horizontal bar in the bike parking, some sleepng on lawns, and some resting against the poles. I drop the…

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PBP Experience #3

The quiet slow ride on Day 3, enjoying the wonderful French country side. Expansive fields between picturesque villages, lovely houses, families sitting on their manicured lawn eating a leisurely breakfast. The sun gently warms up the fields, slowing down time, relaxing you completely, the legs gracefully circling to move the cycle gently on the smooth French roads. Fantastic Armin van Burren music fills the ears, and the loud humming spreads the happiness to the countryside….

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PBP Experience #2

Pitch dark forest mountain roads with beautiful curves, cycle zipping possibly at 40-50kmph, body shifting weight as you gracefully negotiate the bends, the chilly mountain air charging you with fresh energy. And when you a see red light(s) at a distance, you know that the downhill has changed direction. No adrenalin rush, just the quiet blissful feeling which sometimes you selfishly wish would prolong further.

PBP Experience #1

Time distorts, stops, curves, becoming a sharp point. Eyes half closed, sharpening focus, just you and the few feet of road, hands light and feathering the handlebar. Legs supple and pumping away, generating awesome power as you blitz past the huge peloton up the long never ending beautiful climb. Sheer bliss as you quietly zip past others effortlessly. Hands caressing the handlebar as if massaging the smooth beautiful skin of the opposite sex, priceless moments…

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Belgaum 1000, oops Dharwad 868

A wonderful 868km brevet to Dharwad and back, the bonding exercise between me and the new Merida Ride 500 road bike went off well. Bad food at a Dhaba before Hubli at 320km and plate meals dinner with poori at Hubli curtailed our ride. We were an hour ahead of the control time at Hubli and 30kms after (near Dharwad), when the after-effects of bad food showed up, causing extreme sleep in Somaskanda and a…

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Remembering Challakere 400

Remembering my first 400 ride two years after, my debut DNF.. The road to the future, discovered via cycling three years ago. Well, the future is always interesting and meanders all the way. And when we reminisce the past as FB did for me today, they are wonderful memories. This was my second brevet (400km), my first night ride, where I enjoyed gazing up the stars lying down on a bench outside a closed tea…

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Tristate 200 – Fast & Furious

I have a new bike now! Merida 500 – Endurance geometry road bike with Ultegra components. After testing this on Old Madras Road (104kms) and Nandi (126 kms) over the last two weekends, I was eagerly looking forward to this brevet this Saturday. The route – BLR(BTM)- Krishnagiri-Kuppam-Berigai-Bagalur-Sarjapur-BLR(HSR). A perfect weather made the Sat glorious.  The first half (100km) was zippy done in 3h:11min thanks to downhill & tail winds, my century PB. The second…

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“Hot hallucinations” – Chennai 1000

When Road Beast 1000km brevet debuted last year, I was keen to ride, but had to miss due to travel. 2015 being a PBP year, I thought it would be nice to do a 1000km training ride.Knew that this is going to one hot ride, literally, as the route is Chennai-Vijayawada-Chennai. On the saddle on at 6AM, it was zippy non-stop ride to the first control point 107km away. Two cream filled buns eaten while…

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