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Three-legged dog and dripping liquid waste

My observations as I cycled to work today morning. 1. Three-legged dog: Past the HAL Station the traffic had stopped at the signal and I stopped too. On the uneven pavement were two dogs running merrily. A healthy street dog in front running on all fours whilst the other on three legs with fourth fourth leg disabled (lifted and bent). The disability did not seem to be a bother at all, it was running gracefully…

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PBP Experience#5

After arriving at Velodrome at Paris,  got the cards stamped and submitted them. After the breakfast that comprised  of a singular muffin which is what I was entitled being a vegetarian, I was all set to leave.  That is when the amazing cyclist arrived. The Italian cyclist rode the special cycle using  hands only as he has no lower limbs. He completed the 1230km PBP successfully. His face radiated peace and happiness. The only muffin…

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