Three-legged dog and dripping liquid waste

My observations as I cycled to work today morning.

1. Three-legged dog:

Past the HAL Station the traffic had stopped at the signal and I stopped too. On the uneven pavement were two dogs running merrily. A healthy street dog in front running on all fours whilst the other on three legs with fourth fourth leg disabled (lifted and bent). The disability did not seem to be a bother at all, it was running gracefully on three legs with tongue lolling out. As the signal turned green, the jostle started. The well-dressed man in the comfortable big A/C car was cursing, honking, desperate to move past the car in the front. Wish he has seen the dog running happily on three legs on the uneven pavement. 

Takeaway: “Be observant of the outside, enjoy it, and the inside is in peace”.

(The world outside you is in constant motion. Be the observer, enjoy the flow past you, it is bliss. Resist the flow, allowing it to stimulate you, becoming the subject, then you are stressed.)

2. “Dripping liquid waste”

As I crossed the Marathahalli vegetable market I saw a Anganwadi worker with a big plastic bag slung over his shoulders filled with lots of black garbage bags. The vegetable waste in the garbage bag was dripping onto his pants and his worn out sneakers. Unmindful of the drips and the stench he carried it past the traffic. Hundred metres ahead is a small street that connects to the Old Airport Road with an electric pole situated the corner. As people exited the street and came to the main road, they threw their black garbage bag at the base of the pole. Completely unaware of the misery they are putting the diligent Anganwadi worker into just a few feet away.


“Be sensitive inside, and the outside will be beautiful”

(Who cares about the outside, my house is clean!)

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