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Mindfully enjoying the sweat

The pores in the head opened slowly and micro droplets were squeezed out. They merged to form a thin line of sweat that meandered slowly through the hairs. The many tiny rivulets flowing through the hairs gently massaged the scalp tickling it lightly and merged to form big drop. It poised gingerly on the top of the head, and as I took the next step, it rolled across the forehead rapidly, sliding down the nose…

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Lick your lips

With humidity at 84% and temperature that Garmin says ‘feels like 30c’ it sure was exacting to run the 16km today. Late start at 7:20am, the running tee was wet before the end of first km. It is nice running with the sun in front, the hot rays invigorating you, while the humidity enervates you making you lick your lips. When I turn into the side streets, the tall buildings hide the sun and the…

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Back to running in the streets of Tokyo

On business in Tokyo this week, a great start with a morning on Day #1. The first time I think I have run here in 100% RH weather, it turned out be a real sweaty run. Constant pace on quiet feet. Ear free from music. Mind observant interrupted by the vibrating Garmin every km. Peaceful side streets exit onto busy main road. Senior citizens doing traffic control for pedestrians near school smiling and greeting with…

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