Lick your lips

With humidity at 84% and temperature that Garmin says ‘feels like 30c’ it sure was exacting to run the 16km today. Late start at 7:20am, the running tee was wet before the end of first km. It is nice running with the sun in front, the hot rays invigorating you, while the humidity enervates you making you lick your lips. When I turn into the side streets, the tall buildings hide the sun and the mild breeze evaporates the sweat on the tee and suddenly it is wonderfully cool. And as you get onto the main road the sun energises you again. In the entire process of waxing and waning, it is only the lips that bear the brunt but you can  lick it away.  So next you are stressed and life beats you, ‘Lick your lips’.

Keen on buying a Japanese brand shoe, I walked into a shoe store end of day and ended up buying New Balance Response 2.0, a light shoe compared to my Nike Zoom Pegasus 2.


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