Back to running in the streets of Tokyo

On business in Tokyo this week, a great start with a morning on Day #1. The first time I think I have run here in 100% RH weather, it turned out be a real sweaty run. Constant pace on quiet feet. Ear free from music. Mind observant interrupted by the vibrating Garmin every km. Peaceful side streets exit onto busy main road. Senior citizens doing traffic control for pedestrians near school smiling and greeting with ‘Ohayo Gozamas’. Kids scurrying to school. Office goers streaming out of the station. Bunch of smokers puffing away outside the convenience store. Every leaf carefully swept away from the walking paths by the diligent sweepers. Lovely smell wafting out of the breakfast curry shop. Another busy week day at Tokyo. Started the run counter with 14KM today. Hmmm, wonder how much I can spin it while I am hereā€¦


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