A lovely HM in Tokyo

Cool weather today morning that according to Garmin feels like 11c beckoned another run. Planned for a 17km and legs did not stop until HM. Discovered new streets, turned whenever and whoever I felt like, sometimes the red light at the pedestrian lights forced me loop around. Quaint houses, cute streets, picture perfect houses, spotless clean pavement, pocket dogs being walked by there master/mistress some dressed for winter and senior people enjoying their morning walk. It is a delight to see the leaves being cleaned up from the road, the long broom swept diligently and meticulously, the little bunch of leaves scooped up delicately into the bin. Perfect. Quality is omnipresent and every time I come here, I soak in it. And Aah, the aroma of soup wafting as I run along! Miss the bakery smells in my route, which used to be heavenly. Hot coffee after the run, wonderful! Turned out be a good HM training run at 1h49m.

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