Why are people negative when they communicate about challenges? Sufferfest is a common word that I see being used to describe an intense road race.’Endure pain’ seems to be the phrase people use to highlight toughness.

In a city level aptitude test conducted, the MC was telling the students to look behind to see the tension writ on parents to highlight the competition. It seems fashionable today to highlight the suffering to market toughness. Irritating that the TRP culture has invaded into our personal life. The journey as the enjoyment and therefore unleashing the power within is limited to a few wonderful souls.

When a post highlights sufferings/hardships, it attracts more wows. Why not highlight the joy of doing the impossible rather the difficulty, why not focus on the journey rather that the outcome, why not simplify rather than complicate? The communication to the young school children today could have more positive. When I encounter such words being used, I shut off so as not the let the negativity affect me.

Life is to be enjoyed everyday, about going through the travails joyfully, about savouring the journey, about unleashing the full potential rather than pushing to finish, fighting against the wave, waiting for the end to arrive. Positivism is infectious and addictive, its quiet vibrations soothing everyone it touches, making every moment joyful, and the world a wonderful place.


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