A creative on social networks.
The social A-Z (partial) – bit.ly, BuzzFeed, delicious, digg, Facebook, flickr, Foursquare, happn Hootsuite, Jive, Line,LinkedIn,Pinterest,scribd, SlideShare, Smule, Snapseed, Strava, Tinder, Twitter,Tumblr, Quora, yelp, Zynga.
(dost = friend in Hindi, line maro =‘hit-at’ in Hindi)

Post the cool morning run
Selfies with the glorious sun
Pepper the snaps with lovely seeds
Ready instantly these little grams
In a ‘gif’fy a photo frame with beads

Onto the book all these faces I post
And wait for likes from all my ‘dost’s
Earphones out, ready to cool down
Sound still in cloud, lip still twitters

I see her and she ‘smules’
I want to ‘Line’ maro her
Feel the digg, a lot of emojis ,
Inside me, tiny embers tinder
Eyes flickr, heart flutters
Will it happn?

Keen to be linkedin
so that we can jive
and feed the buzz
Common pinterests we have
We both ‘strava’ to be fit
Let’s share our life slides

Lets do it bitly
away from the scribd
Book a suite in Foursquare
and get a little ‘hoot’

Nobody will quora
while we yelp
C’mon baby, lets tumblr
And have a nice Zynga

Oh, life is delicio.us
It is the little bits
that make life
wonderfully social

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