Caterpillar, Parrot, Calf – The Kottai 200

Nov 1, the start of a cycling year commenced with a lovely 200km brevet organised by the Bangalore Brevets, the maiden Indian Randonnneurs ride in Bangalore. This was a new route titled Kottai 200, a highway ride until Krishnagiri (81km) turning right to Rayakottai, Denkanikottai a scenic route with a few lovely climbs reaching Attibele and back on the highway. 

The route to Krishnagiri is a fast ride via the highway, the ride after Hosur being much nicer. First control point at Krishnagiri after the right turn under the flyover and the ride becomes scenic. Cross the Krishnagiri lake and the hills show up. The trees on the hills seem different. From afar, the leaves seem smaller and the trees look like little umbrellas. Two photographers on a motorbike are busy scanning the lovely countryside for Kodak moments. I get photographed too! 

A caterpillar crosses the road slowly and I cycle around it. What a cute movement – pull, push, kinda roll, numerous legs make it interesting and of course the bright colours. A pleasurably warm late morning sun, and a cow lazily standing and chewing hay while young calf is busy suckling it. The two photographers stop and click, and I am curious at what they are clicking at. They say “See the parrot”, a lovely green parrot is inside a small hole of the tree trunk base that is a just above the ground. 

The climbs show up and I am happy. A few moderate climbs and then the downs follow. A lovely countryside biking from 81km-180km. And then back to Attibele and then onto highway, the honking and traffic lights. Reverie over and I am back in BLR. 10:29 hours of riding. Happy that I could a non-stop ride of 200km i.e. breakfast/lunch breaks. Time to change to a road bike to up the average speed. Need to work on this. And then a couple of barefoot runs the next day (Sunday). A great weekend.

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