The lady and the goat

#1: “The lady in the car”
The commute to office last Friday was interesting. As a cyclist, I enjoy watching reactions of people at stop lights. As the light turned green, the lady in car revved up and moved into the centre of the road whilst on the other side continued crossings showing his outstretched palm to the car indicating stop. He was enjoying his slow jaunt across the chaos. And the lady kinda stood up on her seat and depressed the horn harder, and harder. The contorted face and the tall-girl posture was indeed a Kodak moment that brought a smile to my face. Of course the horn did not get louder.

#2: “The unruffled goat”
Close to my office is the famous Kundalahalli signal. It is where all your senses become alive, including the nose. Today the junction was very alive. At the traffic light was a very minor accident. The already clogged junction now had two people in the centre who were loudly arguing. And drivers in the cars/buses added to the cacophony with their fondness for horns. And this was a live show for the policeman who decided to watch.

Amidst the chaos was a lovely sight. A goat sitting on the side of the road very close to this scene was serenely chewing on something. Blissfully unaware of the chaos, the loud arguments, the frenetic honking, the choicest expletives two-wheeler riders, he continued to chew. As I look at him, he casually looks up kinda saying “Hi” and continues on peacefully. Not a single goat hair ruffled!

My takeaways…

1.The horn does not get louder when you depress harder.
2.Contorting the face is serious exercise for the heart not just the face.
3.When a pedestrian shows you the hand you can do three things: (a) Show your finger (middle!) (b) Slow down (c ) Run over
4.When tense, chew cud slowly (the old style is count 1 through 10)! 5.This is what I like best – For heaven’s sake, nah – for your sake, cycle, not drive.

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