I was wooing her. She continued to reject me. After continued persuasion, she agreed to meet. “Only at a public place we shall meet”, she said. Desperate, I agreed. So it was set, my date with her at 1PM yesterday at a crowded public place. Excited, I was there a few minutes before our rendezvous time. As the clock struck one, I eagerly looked for her in a sea of faces . She was not here.  I waited and  waited and waited… The clock was ticking away. It was lunchtime, I was not hungry, possibly the eagerness to meet my first date.

After a couple of hours, she came. My face lit up seeing her. “Come dear, come close to me”, she said. She gently took my left hand and held it firmly. Then she looked into my eyes, and that is when I saw her beautiful green iris. Our eyes were locked, we were oblivious to the crowd watching us. She broke the reverie after a minute and then took my other hand gently, turned it around and held it firmly. She  then took both my hands pressed my thumbs to her heart. Then she said “Let us seal this moment dear”,  the camera went off, the picture of eternity safely stored in the cloud.

After successfully doing my Aadhar ID  yesterday, I came to office late afternoon. 

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