Pedestrians, chickens and a blind man

We seem to love fate!. Here are FOUR stories that illustrate this!

#1: “ Was I tempting fate?”

Near my house, the main road has been shutdown thanks to BBMP’s multi-year plan to widen the main road. Hence the service road breaks the brunt of traffic. And when a jam occurs, the motorcyclists take to the granite-slab pavement. Poor pedestrians. As a cyclist I either push/follow-the-pedestration on the pavement. Today a motorbiker was hell bent on coming straight into me and I showed my outstretched hand asking him to stop, which he doggedly ignored.  Persistent, I continued unfazed straight into him. . He stopped at the last moment. Was I tempting fate? 

#2: Dumb way to avoid fate

The Marathahalli traffic light was jammed up and a man decided to stand in the middle of the road waiting to cross. Now he was tempting the fate. I told him to move, but he did not budge. And I had to treat him like God and go around him. While he was standing, another pedestrian was walking across the road busy talking on his mobile phone . What did he do when somebody honked? Well, he looked down so that he does not see the vehicle and continued to talk! What a (dumb) way to avoid fate! 

#3: Do they know about fate at all? 

Four hundred metres further down is a chicken shop. And a mini-truck with many cages of chickens was parked. A clutch of chickens were being transferred by the shop keeper to his chicken shop. Their last few hours in a new cage. Do they know about fate at all? 

#4: Does he even care about fate? 

A little further ahead is the Kundalahalli signal. A terrible place with uneven roads, pure chaos. A blind man standing at the signal waiting to cross. Does he even care about fate? Is he oblivious to the perils because he can’t see? He was peaceful, no tension writ on his face. Very unlike the ones who were on powered vehicles.  


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