Eight hundred kilometres of cycling non stop
Feeling right on top
Hamstring supple and energetic
Fully (re)charged up, the pace frenetic

The wheels a blur, the legs in clear unison
Two while lines the highway, reflected of the swath
Really a small puddle of light
Bright enough not to befuddle

The world all black except a little circle of light
On a brilliant and silent night
A sea of calm
In a world of fright and fight

The world slowly shrinks, emptiness fills me
Seem to be in different space-time
Infinite all over
Everything frozen including time

My ‘self’ outside the body, its ethereal face
Watching me flying across the space
Overtaking time
Blissfully sublime

Legs spinning rapidly
Absolutely fluid
Like the magic of a druid, churning the inner ocean
Crystallising a drop of magical potion

Then it happens,
I see a tiger on the tree
Wait… not one or two but three
Watching me serenely, silently happy at my liberation

The self outside, me inside
Both at peace,
fully aware that this is not a real piece
Stillness and calm, OM, OM, OM

Conscious hallucination it is
A brilliant feeling
Me watching myself
Fullness outside, sheer emptiness inside

Is this the singularity
Where real meets the unreal
is this Maya? Is this Zen?
What was just words, that I cared about
Turned into amazing experience that I shared
Though for a moment that was infinite
The singularity.

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