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So what?

Most often when life beats us with a big stick, the normal question is “Why me?”. We whine, mope and then take actions to get over it suffering through the way. What if you changed the question to “So what?”. Well, my uncle said that in difficult times, this is the question he asks, and then happily solves the issue.

So my friend,
when you are out and down, in despair,
just ask the simple question, to repair,
“So what?”.

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My date

I was wooing her. She continued to reject me. After continued persuasion, she agreed to meet. “Only at a public place we shall meet”, she said. Desperate, I agreed. So it was set, my date with her at 1PM yesterday at a crowded public place. Excited, I was there a few minutes before our rendezvous time. As the clock struck one, I eagerly looked for her in a sea of faces . She was not…

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Three-legged dog and dripping liquid waste

My observations as I cycled to work today morning. 1. Three-legged dog: Past the HAL Station the traffic had stopped at the signal and I stopped too. On the uneven pavement were two dogs running merrily. A healthy street dog in front running on all fours whilst the other on three legs with fourth fourth leg disabled (lifted and bent). The disability did not seem to be a bother at all, it was running gracefully…

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Why are people negative when they communicate about challenges? Sufferfest is a common word that I see being used to describe an intense road race.’Endure pain’ seems to be the phrase people use to highlight toughness. In a city level aptitude test conducted, the MC was telling the students to look behind to see the tension writ on parents to highlight the competition. It seems fashionable today to highlight the suffering to market toughness. Irritating…

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The lady and the goat

#1: “The lady in the car” The commute to office last Friday was interesting. As a cyclist, I enjoy watching reactions of people at stop lights. As the light turned green, the lady in car revved up and moved into the centre of the road whilst on the other side continued crossings showing his outstretched palm to the car indicating stop. He was enjoying his slow jaunt across the chaos. And the lady kinda stood…

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Dog & chicken story

Enroute to my office is an blacksmith shop. The owner’s dog is always on a leash and tied to an iron pole. He sits majestically and watches the mad traffic. Quietly and peacefully. Never irritated about the fact that he is permanently tied to the pole. Adjoining this is a chicken shop with many cages filled with birds. Some of them are busy enjoying their feed, whilst some of them cock their head at the…

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