A digital painting by Aishwarya Vidhya Raghunath stirred the wordsmith in me. A brilliant rendition it is, of the darkness of fiery Corona red, the lonely quarantine nursed with love from afar and the golden sliver peeking, a sign of hope.
Here it is in verse form as “Lonely?”.
Thank you Aishwarya.

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“In the world of software, some bugs(issues) are converted into features. Not because you don’t want to fix it, but it just turned out be an interesting use case.

Well, in the current scenario, tweets on issues related to pandemic, farmers protest et al were removed at the request of government by Twitter. No more bugs! Interesting nah, how we fix the problem. A B+ approach!
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Here is the article on this.

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Hi, I am positive.

“What is most fashionable post now?
“Hi, I have been diagnosed Covid positive. Request all who have come with contact with me during the last seven days to get tested.”
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Note: Not belittling the seriousness of situation, it is the tone that I find disturbing/amusing. Guess this may be more appropriate “”I am sorry I am diagnosed positive and request you take care if I have come with contact with you recently. Sorry.”””

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